Who Are You, The People Of Israel?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAgain and again, we are subjected to pressure and threats that deprive us of peace, causing a feeling of helplessness and anxiety for our future.

I wonder, “Why did so much suffering befall my people? From where does so much hatred come towards Israel? …Why does this hatred keep coming back and become stronger?”

Our fathers and grandfathers experienced the horrors of Nazism and the complete indifference to our plight from the rest of the world.

Today, we are faced with a similar problem—the widespread growth of anti-Semitism is not met with sufficient counterbalance either at the national or at the social level.

Some believe that the worst is over, that today is different from yesterday, that in the modern enlightened world those slanders, those massive persecutions of the Jews, which took place in the distant and recent past, are impossible.

But it is not so.

We see how easily humanity returns to the same state—and again its forefinger points at us…

In this brochure, I tried to respond to the questions facing the people of Israel, all the Jews of the world, as well as to describe how to deal with the task that we’re entrusted with.

I have made every effort to speak concisely because I am well aware of how impatient our generation is.

I hope this booklet will benefit those who will read it. Interested parties can get more detailed and descriptive explanations on the site www.bundleofreeds.com

With love,

Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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