Figures On The Chessboard of Life

Laitman_907Question: I am deeply disturbed by the attempt to boycott the Israeli soccer team, to prevent it from participating in the world championship. It seems so unimportant, just football, just a game, but this has triggered a deep concern about the very existence of the State of Israel.

What is the role of the game in our lives? After all, we get up in the morning without understanding what games life plays with us, who moves “the pieces on a chessboard.”

Answer: As Shakespeare said: “The whole world is a theater and people in it are actors.” The problem is that we do not understand what games we are playing, what role we are performing and who the director is. We do not know who moves the pieces on the chessboard of life.

Every second new desires, thoughts, fears, anxieties, and calculations appear pulling us in different directions. We supposedly choose where to go and we think those choices determine our next instant. But do we really make decisions on our own, or does someone do it for us?

In essence, we are inside a large force field that drives us by bringing us together and separating us from each other. This is how our whole life goes.

Everything that happens to us is determined by a special force field called the “Creator,” nature. This field fills the entire universe, and we swim in it, as if in an ocean of water.

This field plays with us, as it is said in The Book of Zohar, “What does the Creator do? He sits and plays with the Leviathan,” with all the huge desire of the creation: inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people.

The difference between these four stages of creation lies in the level of their desires, the degree of their egoism, with which the Creator plays. This is a real game in which we are not just spectators, but we have a direct part.

The game of life is a very serious matter. It’s a play in which we constantly play different roles: that someone plays with me, and then I play with someone back. We have to know the rules of the game, see who actually moves “the pieces” around, what the purpose of the game is, and what kind of “performance” we live in…

Question: Who are we in this show: helpless pawns or actors?

Answer: We are actors, but we are following the preset program. We have no freedom in anything at all. How can we be free if we don’t know what will happen with us in a moment or in a thousand years?

We do not know a thing! This is why we cannot direct the play. If we want to have some control over the show, we should get acquainted with the Director —the overall force field—and understand where it leads us.

Then, we will be able to participate in the game of life consciously, rationally, and responsibly. This is the only way to gain freedom of choice; otherwise, we will forever remain unimportant pawns.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/31/15

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