We Are Addicted To Work… And Happy About It

laitman_555In the News (Psychologies.ru): 70 years ago the beginning of the 21st century seemed happy: we thought that machines would do all the hard work while people would only work in order to receive pleasure by realizing their talents and would spend the rest of their time vacationing and enjoying a good happy life.

“So how did we become addicted to work, working more than our fathers who dreamt about our time, and even seem genuinely pleased with this circumstance? The work week in most developed countries is 35 hours and a holiday is not more than 4 weeks long. We take pride in being addicted to work and have no time for meeting new friends, sleeping properly, going on vacations, having sex and even for having a baby.

“People who are idle feel humiliated when they see those who are busy and they become much happier when they get a chance to be part of some activity even if it is very difficult. The actual thought of a vacation or rest seems wrong.”

Answer: Nature has set limits for us (that are external to us) in our corporeal development and we inevitably have to reduce production and consumption. Nature develops more new desires in us and we lose the yearning for corporeal savings.

The new generation is a good example of that. Nothing is more threatening to society than being unemployed; it leads to the deterioration of the individual and society. The only thing we will be able to fully engage in is our re-education.

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