How Can We Establish A Better Society?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: ( “When a baby is born there are 100 billion neurons in his brain. Neurons are the cells responsible for the ability to think, to see, to feel and they are hardly regenerated during our life.

“Neurons can connect with one another through small regions in the brain called synapses. The neurons that are connected in the synapses build systems that are responsible for all of the brain activities. During the first eight months of our life the neurons create up to 1,000 trillion synapses. But the synapses operate according to the principle of ‘you either use it or lose it.’

“The connections between the neurons have to be maintained by daily exercises and stimuli so that they will be active for a long time. This is the reason that communication between parents and a baby is so important. Usually only half of the synapses remain. The simplest form of communication with a baby can actually determine the creation of connections in the brain.

“Human babies are born imperfect compared to other mammals and they need about a year in order to start walking, whereas animals begin to walk several hours after they are born. If man babies were born with a similarly developed brain, their head would be too big and it would not be able to go through the birth canal.

“This means that the development of a baby’s brain depends directly on the environment he is born in and especially within his social environment. A human baby isn’t fully formed: he comes into the world ready for the grownups to program it. The synapses that are often used become strong while synapses that are rarely used die.

“If parents look at the baby with love and affection the baby’s brain associates the loving and affectionate look with the parents’ attention and the synapses related to this lesson become stronger. The brain is built on this basis. The frontal cortex is one of the regions responsible for feelings and this region develops the fastest from a child’s birth to the age of three.

“A less developed frontal cortex means that a person finds it hard to identify other people’s feelings. This leads to lack of empathy, which is one of the reasons for violence and that under stress a person behaves aggressively or capriciously.”

My Comment: Everything is determined by education, but who educates the parents? Who teaches them how to establish the right connections between them, with the children… see “The Wisdom of Connection (Integral Education).”

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