The Redemption Of The Shechina From Exile

laitman_942The goal of creation is to do good to the created beings, which means to enable the created beings to reach the level of the Creator. There cannot be a greater or a smaller gift than this—the desire to receive must be equal to the Light, to the desire to bestow.

The whole process of the evolution of the desire takes place in the desire itself, in its understanding, in its attainment and in its impressions. There are no physical changes; all the changes are in the inner impressions of the desire to receive compared to the Light. But the created being feels these changes as moving from place to place or in time and discerns the changes inside and around him.

Although the created being can see a totally opposite picture at any given moment and think that he is moving from one world to another, from one level to the next, all that takes place only in his internal attributes. It is hard to understand at the moment because we have not undergone any changes that take us from one world to another or from one level to the next yet. The process that the desire to receive undergoes is a process of clarification and correction that is fulfilled by the efforts that the desire makes. Thus the created being builds his vessel. If the process continues naturally without an effort, it is called the level of still, vegetative, and animate nature that are managed by the Light.

But if the created being makes an effort before the Light affects him, it is as if he manages the Light himself and thus expresses his freewill, his independence. Therefore, of everything we go through, it is only what we have done by our efforts according to our decision in the short spans of freewill that we were given that is taken into account.

This is all we are required to do. But wherever we can grow stronger in order to reach an equivalence of form with the Light, we can fulfill our freewill. We are in a special state, surrounded by lots of people, and we have a chance to perform corporeal actions instead of spiritual actions for the time being.

These actions are not in order to bestow for the time being but are actually egoistic, but through them we express our desire to reach bestowal, mutual guarantee, mutual help, support, and connection. Thus, we show that we want to reach an equivalence of form with the Creator and reach the level of a human being.

The connection between us is called Shechina, the place for the revelation of the Creator. We wish to build a network of connections between us, of mutual help, support, and unity until eventually the network will be so tight and full that it will become a vessel, a volume in which the attribute of mutual love and bestowal can be revealed. Our vessel will contain the Light to the extent that we make an effort to resemble true bestowal.

If our efforts are not true yet and not aimed at true bestowal but for our own benefit, the Light cannot be revealed in the vessel and it illuminates above us in the form of the Surrounding Light. It is actually inside us, but we see its illumination from a distance since we cannot use it correctly yet.

Thanks to the Light that surrounds us, we gradually correct our desires to such an extent that they can already have true intentions to bestow on a certain level of the 613 desires, which means to connect for the general sake and not for our private benefit as each one thought previously. Then the Light is gradually revealed to the extent that we are equivalent in form to the Light. Then the general vessel is called Shechina, the Light inside it that is called the Shochen (the dweller) and the revelation of the Light is called “redemption.” The Light is revealed inside the vessel.

In the meantime, our vessel cannot receive the Light, which means that its components (the friends) are not connected in bestowal and mutual guarantee but yearn to reach that, a state that is called “exile.” Exile can be on different levels in different states. Increasing the yearning and the desire for the Light determines the sorrow we feel about being in exile. If our sorrow isn’t egoistic but because we cannot reach connection in order to delight the Creator, the source of Light, it invokes the action of the Surrounding Light, which corrects us and gives us the power to connect and raises us to the level of the Shechina. Thus we leave the exile and connect with the Creator.

These states change: exile-redemption and then again exile-redemption. Today we are at the end of the last exile, on the verge of the last redemption. The laws of correlation between the Lights and the vessels have brought us to the end of this process, to the last action. Let’s hope that we will feel that the Shechina is in exile and as a result reach redemption!
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/14

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