The Light From The Center Of The Group

laitman_528_04Question: I don’t understand how I can connect with others if I don’t understand what this is. I can’t find any means for this within me.

Answer: You don’t have any means, but you have a teacher who tells you what you should pay attention to, and it is up to you to carry this out because the teacher knows that now it is time.

If it were not for the teacher, you would never reach this. So two levels exist, and there must always be a higher level that directs you upward. From your level, you cannot know where “north” is.

It is time for us to speak more about connection, and from day to day this is discovered more clearly. Some kind of thought about correction cannot appear in your mind unless you are a special soul, like the Ari or Moses, with a special role.

Question: So what depends on me?

Answer: How you make the efforts regarding connection depends on you. You don’t understand what this is, but you don’t need to understand. You need to carry it out, and the heart will be drawn after the deed.

Question: But I have carried out all kinds of actions and I thought that they were directed toward connection.

Answer: You didn’t think that you were carrying them out for the sake of connection with the group, to discover the Creator within this connection and to give Him satisfaction. You need to think about this more now.

We must understand that the spiritual world is revealed in the mutual connection between us called Arvut (Mutual Guarantee). This connection must move through all the stages: bestowing in order to bestow so at least that which you hate you do not do to your friend, and after that to receiving in order to bestow, that is, loving your neighbor as yourself, until the completion of correction.

All the commandments strengthen the connection between us, and the Torah is the Light that Reforms that illuminates our efforts and implements this connection. It is up to us only to ask that the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) will influence and correct us.

But first we need to make joint efforts to feel what to ask for in order to discover the deficiency and a request for Light that will correct the characteristics that disturb us from connecting. To the degree that we yearn for connection, playing and speaking about this in front of everyone,  and making efforts, then the Ohr Makif will begin to influence us.

This doesn’t depend upon the merit of our intentions. Even if our intentions are the most egoistic, like those of Pharaoh, the Light will illuminate us from a distance. According to the nature of the Light, it illuminates through the center of the group. If you don’t make an effort to connect with others, you will not receive the Ohr Makif.

After all, the Ohr Makif is the Ohr Pnimi (Inner Light) that is supposed to be discovered; it is the Creator. The difference between them is only the degree of revelation. The Light of Infinity is concealed behind each and every level until it is absolutely hidden. We are in a state where it is absolutely concealed from us. But actually we are in the world of Infinity; its is concealed from our senses.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/27/14

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