Will We Vanish In The Next Twenty Years?

laitman_269Opinion (Ashok Gadgil, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Deputy Director, Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division):

“Modern civilization is facing a serious risk of vanishing in the next 20 years. The reason is that the speed at which we’re consuming natural resources exceeds their rate of self-replenishment.

“Climate changes are the first signs of this process. Our duty is to exercise a compound approach in addressing global risks that we currently face.  New economics should be based on our deep understanding that resources of the Earth are almost gone.

“Causes: increases in global population together with an ongoing escalation of consumption. Previously, the population used to be small and stable. People’s longevity was relatively short and there was a high rate of infant mortality.  Technical innovations brought to life new resources, thus allowing the number of people to grow. World population increased significantly after chlorination of water began. The discovery of antibiotics increased population growth even more.

“When women don’t participate in social life, there are always more children in the family. The best way to control the growth of population is to educate women.

“Literacy is the first and greatest method of preventing excessive population growth.

“Education is the second major element that helps to restrain climate fluctuation. If we don’t feel the boundaries within which we should continue to expand, we will have to endure natural catastrophes until they eradicate us.

“Exhaustion of resources is the third danger that we will face until we change the course of our development. This also depends on education: we have to realize that our planet has limited resources and we have to use them sparingly.

“Many people think that technical innovations will resolve these problems, but their implementation also depends on social morality and education.

“Each species tends to grow and thrive; all of them live in harmony and are interdependent. Only a human being strives to seize the whole territory for his own sake; such behavior cannot last for long. We have no other way, but to find balance between Nature and ourselves. However, not many people think of generations to come; everybody is preoccupied with the present moment. Once again, this problem is associated with our upbringing and education!”

Comment: The assumption is right. The question is how to implement this into practice: we have to create a methodology of integral education and upbringing. Only those people who have attained all layers of nature (Kabbalists) can come up with such a system. That’s why our main task is to complete the course on integral studies and upbringing and offer it to the widest circles of humanity.

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