Dr. Michael LaitmanGlobalistics is a study of common problems of humanity. It appeared out of an analysis of problems that have appeared after World War II. The analysis showed the beginning of global processes in the world. Their solution required the participation of all humanity, where its further existence depends on solving the problems.

These problems have always existed but in a local form, and now they have acquired a global nature as a consequence of human integration. Global problems are not caused by what seems to be natural human development, but are programmed into the development of society by nature.

The globalization of problems comes from the emergence of integrated world dependencies and cannot be solved by a single country or a group of countries that are isolated from the rest. Globalization also manifests in their integration since it is impossible to solve one problem without solving all the others.

Globalization of problems forces us to use a global method to examine and solve them. Decisions must be based on the fact that the interests of humanity as a whole always and in every way prevail over the interests of any of its parts. Protectionism and competition should be rejected. Instead, we must create complete interconnections at a global scale and get rid of all the barriers between nations and people.

But it is the global problems in particular that help us see humanity as a global integrated system and reveal the opposition between “humanity and nature” to us.

Until now, all the strategies of human survival called for a cutback in the economic and demographic growth. Others proposed to realize this by region in order to level out all the world regions with time. Gradually, the inability of all the approaches to solve the global problems becomes apparent. This is because they can only be solved with an integral force, and only after rising above all the barriers of humanity.

Roland Robertson, the first person to use the term “globalization” in 1983, believed that a global consciousness is being formed in people, and it will change humanity completely. This can be done either through the impact of enormous suffering or through the dissemination of Kabbalah, the method of the correction of egoism as the source of all problems that arise.

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