Now That You Have The Method, Pass It Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanAmerica is the largest, richest, and mightiest world power. Americans still have that pioneer spirit; they love to recall their roots.

This is why we have an opportunity to influence the world through America. At first, we won’t mention Kabbalah, and instead, explain to the masses our current state and the method that offers the solution, and then, gradually, we will bring them to the original sources.

If we have a shot at bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world, it can only happen through here. The world pays attention to what’s happening in the US. The vast majority of the Internet is in English. The language, might, and authority of America will play their role. All this means we must begin the war on a global crisis from precisely here.

We need to work together to organize a dissemination system. This is our primary challenge. And here you must find the resources to meet this challenge. The Kabbalah Education Center has been successful in educating people with a point in the heart. But if we want true spiritual advancement, it’s only possible if we work according to the “pass it forward” principle.

We must disseminate Kabbalah without pressure: no shoving fliers into people’s hands, accompanied by passionate efforts to convince them. Rather, we must act in a composed, respectable manner, but also consistently and as efficiently as possible, using our principles and all sorts of scientific and research data as foundations.

There were dozens of other students studying with Rabash besides me. I was the closest to him, and also his assistant and secretary, which has helped me tremendously. But that wasn’t the key. What helped me the most is that in 1983, when he was still in alive, I wrote my first three books. I was always disseminating, giving lectures and lessons.

After Rabash’s death, there was a period when I had no strength to start anything new. I kept to myself and wrote books. But a few years later, I resumed active dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is the only reason why I’m furthering correction and my personal advancement.

Participating in dissemination, to whatever extent you can, is essential. Of course, not everyone can write or educate, but every person must have some responsibility, working on passing the method to the whole world, wanting to help people, and thereby express his love of others, to see everybody unified, happy, connected, banded into a single whole, until we are all one soul.

This is why we must create a US-based global dissemination center so that the method of correction will spread from here to the entire world. And you all must rally around this center so that everyone could exert maximum effort, their maximum potential and talents towards our collective success. Because if we don’t, the crisis will get out of control.
From Lesson 7, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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