The Peaceful Way Towards Socialism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Anatoly Wasserman, columnist): “With the coming of the the year 2022, socialism will be more profitable than capitalism. This means that it would be possible to implement the recommendation given by Karl Marx in 1862 to redeem the entire economy from the bourgeoisie, giving each owner that which he likes more.

“The range of problems that capitalism creates is not limited by questions of productivity. Its disadvantages are questioning the very existence of the world and humanity. Therefore, it is possible that the transition to socialism will be justified not economically, but as the way of self-preservation.

“Therefore, in the coming years, we should talk about the degree of danger that capitalism presents to the very existence of humanity, with plenty of evidence of this danger having been accumulated. It is necessary to explain to people involved in business that survival is in their own interest, and that they should become agents of socialism for the sake of themselves.”

My Comment: The transition happens in a much simpler way. That part of humanity with a point in the heart applies efforts in their unity, causing  the influence of the surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), which produces changes in them and in all people. This Ohr Makif is responsible for our progress, and through the method of Integral Education and upbringing, we accelerate its effect on us. With this, a good transition to the next level of human development takes place.

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