On A Wave Of Calm

laitman_556Question: At the time of the Exodus from Egypt the Creator hardened the heart of Pharaoh and sent Moses to him. Is it possible to compare this to today with the relentless military actions of the past few months? How can one explain this process to the public?

Answer: An introduction is needed here first to explain the principle of “There is none else beside Him.” Everything is sent and caused from above; everything comes to us from the upper force. It is from “There is none else beside Him” and the “good that does good.”

So why is that so bad for us?

The problem is that we, the people of Israel, are responsible for the world. And all evil happens because all the good and the pleasure that comes from above are not received correctly in our Kelim. We don’t prepare the Kelim, the desires of all of humanity, such that they will be in equivalence of form with what is sent and reaches us from above.

The Light comes from above in precise amounts as if some kind of “clock” is ticking and secreting the Light according to a precise algorithm, a little more and a little more, every moment more and more for three thousand years until the completion of correction. And we human beings, gathered from all the ends of the earth, are responsible for it in order to accept it specifically as goodness and pleasure, as great abundance that is meant to fill us on every level, at every moment, with heavenly delight.

And in the next minute, the “hardness of the heart” comes again and we must again go to Pharaoh. In this way, time after time, we must correct the hardness of heart and receive the abundance in it.

Ultimately, the troubles and plagues come and don’t pass over the characteristic of “Israel” in us but over the egoistic characteristics of “Egypt” and “Pharaoh.” What is called the “Sitra Achra” (other side) swallows them again. And that is how it must be, and later it will “vomit” out the abundance that it swallows, which is called, “He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again” (Job 20:15).

So we are responsible for the world. Nobody has freedom of choice except for us. We are the ones who left Babylon, who fled from there and were molded as a people who became connected among us and connected with the Creator. We transformed ourselves into a transitional link between the Creator and the entire world. This means that we need to become the “light” for the whole world and give it the method of correction so that at every moment what comes from above will be revealed truly as a paradise on earth.

But we are not doing this. And so we look at everything that is happening and we must understand that, in fact, it is all kindness; the Creator is still frightening us from a distance and playing with us. Thousands of missiles fall on the land of Israel with minimal consequences.

The problem is that this doesn’t wake people up; instead it relaxes them. Look at what a blow we can take. So come, let’s feel the blow as if it didn’t happen, and on the other hand, understand that the Creator is protecting us so that we will approach Him in a good ways, so that we will have the strength for it.

But the people are indifferent. So what else is there? What must the Creator do?

And so we, the people who understand this and have freedom of choice, must go out to the people and bring this message to the people with all our might. The message is that we must change, that through the connection between us we will bring about the connection of the whole world.

That is specifically what we are prepared to bestow to it. It is because we want everyone to be connected with each other well, the far and the near, including our enemies. So our connection is required for this, and we will see that it will pass to everyone.

Unity and the connection begin from the center of the group and will extend to more and more external circles. And then we will see how everything relaxes, as if a wave of calm passes over the world. And everyone will look at the people of Israel and will finally understand that they are prepared to bring goodness and pleasure.

“Previously the evil stemmed from them and so we hated them. But now they live with love. So let’s go and help them with this! Come, let’s carry them on our shoulders and bring them to the goal. If they have such an intention, then we are with them.”

This is what must happen, and we are the key for this.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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