Enough Of Being Outcasts

laitman_933Question: Despite the fact that Israel is constantly under siege, at the end of every war there is a feeling that when it ends a new and happy life will begin. Now we have a feeling that we are stuck in this war and no one knows when it will end. Where does this feeling come from? Is it true? Can we end this war at all?

Answer: It is naïve to think that we can ever settle the account with our neighbors. Their constant unchanging goal is to conquer this land and to settle here. There is no way we can keep them from aspiring for this goal with threats and fear because they will still continue to wish for it. They have everything they need in order to continue this war and to pressure us unlimitedly.

They are not willing to make any concessions. For the Arab people, and in principle, for the whole world, this land is their territory and where their state should be. If you want to live here, you should convert to Islam and stay. If you are not a Muslim, you don’t belong here and you should leave.

It is all very simple. The problem isn’t the Jews and not even Israel, but the fact that the people living here are not Muslims. Therefore they see it as an eternal problem unless we manage to find a solution for it. Moreover, the threat of Islam is spreading throughout the world because the Muslims are trying to reach every corner of the world, including Siberia.

Comment: When we were in France we were told about the rapidly spreading Islam there. And on the Internet are scattered terrible pictures of Islamization. In particular, the newly created state in Iraq of people being executed and the photographs of their severed heads published on the Internet.

Answer: This is why they are feared.

Question: Does this mean that this war will not end?

Answer: Of course not! It isn’t about that. In the past, the founders of our state naively thought that we would bring our civilization to our neighbors and that they would be very glad to build a new life here together with us and to live in peace with us. I do respect our leaders for what they have done and created, but the hope that we would somehow be able to get along with our neighbors is totally absurd.

Question: So what can we do in this situation?

Answer: We can either pack our bags and leave or continue to live here the way we do as long as we have the power to keep on fighting. We will be able to manage for a while. And then what will happen? Who knows? After all, a hundred thousand rockets can be targeted at us not only from Gaza but also from neighboring counties. If they shoot them all at once, the chances that we will be able to stand against all of them are very small. There are different types of rockets, not only homemade ones made from a piece of metal pipe.

In addition to that, the whole world is against us. All the nations and peoples no longer respect and love us or take us into account. If in the past they expressed their support and tried to justify us, today they blame us for everything, no matter what we do.

We protect the Arab population and their children and let them know in advance when and where we are going to attack so that they will be able to leave in time. We risk the lives of our soldiers so as not to kill a child or adult civilian.

On the other hand, our enemies do everything they can to kill our innocent children and civilians and we are still seen as guilty in the eyes of the world although we don’t start the wars. The world doesn’t care. The world hates us because we don’t fulfill our role in human society.

I deliberately present the problem as extreme. If I didn’t have a solution, I wouldn’t do so and I would pity the people, but it is actually in order to spare and protect them that I present the issue of the inefficiency of all our wars, becayse we can prevent all that and make our life here peaceful and happy.

Question: Does that mean that you don’t see a rational solution here?

Answer: There is no rational solution since the problem itself isn’t rational. Our whole nation isn’t rational. We have existed for thousands of years and have given the world religions, the basis of civilization, and have invested a lot in science and in culture in different countries all over the world, and what of it?

We actually see an opposite outcome. We are outcasts who don’t belong to this world. Everyone hates us and thinks that we are the source of all the evil in the world. Therefore we should listen to them to understand why it is so.

Comment: We can come up with superficial answers to this problem. The Jews are envied because they are too smart. They have been at the top of the economies of many states and have seemingly stolen a lot.

Answer: Don’t they steal in Russia now when there are no Jews? Or do they steal less in the US? This isn’t the reason. The reason emerged long before that.

Comment: I was born in the Ukraine where I felt anti-Semitism on a daily basis without any apparent reason. The word Jew was simply used as a curse word just like the word idiot or a fool.

Answer: Common folks feel this hatred, dislike, and hostility subconsciously. They don’t understand, but subconsciously they feel that for some reason you are meddling with their life. There is something about you that affects the world and their fate depends on you.

As a person who has been studying Kabbalah for forty years, I know the reason for everything that happens. We Jews have to balance the world and bring it to a state of equality and to the revelation of the system that governs the world. People accuse us of making the world go round, that we manage it, but we manage it badly.

The world is indeed managed through us, but unfortunately at the moment it is done badly because it done through great suffering and blows. Therefore the nations of the world accuse us of all their problems.

It turns out that the world receives negative energy through us. This is clear according to the wisdom of Kabbalah and is also evident to the naked eye. Can we change things so that the world will receive positive energy through us? The wisdom of Kabbalah has a simple answer to that: in order to do so we have to connect.

Comment: But we have given the world so much: science, law, innovative technologies, Google, Facebook…

Answer: This is totally unimportant since the world receives the negative energy through these things too. After all, our ego has helped the world develop egoistically. The world doesn’t need that at all.

The Jews were given different talents so that they will affect the world positively and not in a negative egoistic manner that helps people develop industry, commerce, science, and the arts; people don’t need that! Although we have given the world all that, no one has ever thanked us.

Today we begin to realize that all the great achievements don’t make us happy. Although we have the newest technology, we feel empty inside and we feel bad. People who lived in caves were happy and managed without antidepressants.

We have to provide the world with positive energy that reaches the world through us! It is all a matter of unity. When we unite, the positive energy is conveyed to the world, and when we are divided, negative energy is conveyed through us.

It is very simple. If the Jews in Israel begin to unite, the world will immediately begin to treat us positively. But we should unite not in order to attack someone or to manage egoistically in our counter attack; we should unite above our ego.

The Torah says: “love thy friend as thyself.” Our nation is based on being as one man in one heart. This is the precondition for the creation of the Jewish nation, and we have to keep it. This is the only way that a blessing will come unto the world. All the Kabbalistic sources speak about it. Why don’t we try to do so?

Whenever criminals or fascists unite it is always against something. Our unity, however, is for spreading the rule of “love thy friend as thyself,” which will gradually spread all over the world.

Imagine how nice and kind the nations of the world will be to one another if they feel that it comes from us. To the same extent, the ice between us will also melt.

Comment: You are like a storyteller telling fairytales because everything you describe is against our nature.

Answer: That’s true, it is against our nature, but the wisdom of Kabbalah spoke about that several thousand years ago because in the past we did live by the principles of this system. Rambam said that our nation was created on the basis of an idea since a Jew is not a nationality but membership in the idea of unity. Today every person can become a Jew. He cannot become French, but he can become a Jew.

Question: If we were united in the past, then why were there 12 tribes?

Answer: The 12 tribes stem from a spiritual ladder, “Yod – Hey – Vav – Hey” (ה-ו-ה-י) , where each letter (property) is multiplied by three lines: the left line, the right line, and the middle line. This makes up the whole system of 12 tribes.

Every tribe has a role, an attribute, and it was forbidden to mix them to such an extent that it was forbidden to marry someone from another tribe. However, there was still mutual help and complete understanding between them.

This is why we must build our system according to the spiritual ladder of Providence. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how 12 Lights descend unto us and we receive them in our state, and we have to unite together into one whole.

After the breaking of the first and second Temples, the ten tribes disappeared and merged into the nations of the world. We don’t know where they are, but they will reappear in the future. Two and a half tribes have survived and all the Jews today all over the world belong to them, but we don’t know who belongs to which tribe since everything has been shattered and dispersed. Today we simply must unite.
From KabTV’s “Current Situation in Israel” 7/24/14

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