There Is A Continuation To Life!

Laitman_109Question: What must we correct in our reality?

Answer: The created being is a desire to receive that is external to the Creator, external to the desire to bestow. We are created intentionally so that we would be able to discover our deficient state, our dependence on the desire to bestow, its limitations, and that we cannot exist even for a moment without being adhered to the desire to bestow.

This limitation evokes in us a yearning to know and attain the desire to bestow, and to be like it. It is because we discover the imperfection of our state and our constant need for something, and that we are totally limited and dependent. As long as we receive the Light, we feel alive, but, the moment we don’t receive Light, we feel increasingly worse, until we feel death. If we cease to receive the force of bestowal on the animate level, our body dies. We simply are dependent totally on the force of bestowal. This stimulation brings us to demand revelation the upper force on the animate level and to find out on whom our animate body depends.

Thus, we discover that our corporeal body on the animate level depends on a higher level, and then we begin to look for this force of bestowal.

Throughout human history, we believe that our evolution is leading us to something good, to a better state. This isn’t true. Our evolution is intended to bring us to the conclusion that we are limited. The more we advance, the more we feel how limited, lowly, and defective we are in every aspect and in every sense. This makes us realize the need for the attainment of a state that is more sublime than ours, the next level above ours, the one on which I depend now.

Therefore, a person who reaches the wisdom of Kabbalah asks, “What is the point of my life?” This question pushes him forward and obliges him to clarify, “What am I living for? Why am I alive? What is the secret of life and the essence of life?” A person may have everything in his corporeal life, but if his life has no meaning, no point, he sees no reason to live.

Statistically, depression, drugs, and so on are more prevalent today, and it isn’t just about individuals, but multitudes who are asking the question about the meaning of life and cannot find an answer. This is also one of the signs that the wisdom of Kabbalah can be revealed.

It is because it impossible to get an answer to the question of what we are living for if we don’t discover that there is a continuation to life!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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