The Receiver Of The Imperceptible Wave Range

laitman_934Question: Can the method of Kabbalah become public if the majority perceives the development of additional sense organs as mysticism?

Answer: People are accustomed to everything that is beyond this life being related to mysticism, unnatural forces. But in this case it is not so. The wisdom of Kabbalah is organized very simply, and this method originated from Abraham.

Students gather around the teacher, and he organizes them in a group. They begin to work in it as if in a laboratory, creating an environment in which it is possible to reveal the upper force. And when they reveal this upper force in connection with each other, they begin to study it, to develop due to it and develop it.

That is, they operate from two directions. They have the desire to receive, and they reveal the desire to bestow. Thus, they can influence this force of bestowal, draw it, grow it, and study how it affects them. They begin a mutual, practical work with the upper force, the Creator, as with any other force of nature that is revealed to us.

The only question is how to quickly build the laboratory in which we will reveal the upper force, will research, learn, and be able to perform mutual work with it, as partners. We will affect it, and it will affect us, that is, the whole group. After all, one person is not able to create the property of bestowal out of himself.

Only in mutual connection in the group, for example, between ten people, can we create the force of mutual bestowal, which will be similar to the hidden upper force. Then this upper force will be revealed to us according to the law of equivalence of form.

In this way we catch a wave in a radio set, tuning it internally, respectively to this wave. And then according to the law of equivalence of form, with the help of the internal wave, we catch the external wave. By the same principle, we reveal the upper force in the group, creating a small property of bestowal between ourselves to the extent of our abilities.

Suddenly, we seemingly catch the external radio wave in this property of bestowal created between us: we feel some conversation, external, higher impact. So, we have caught Him! In this way we grasp the Creator.

This is a very real feeling. If we arrange our group in this way, we will certainly reveal the Creator; there is no mystery. The same laws, as in physics, act here.

Rabash writes in his article “By Your Actions, We Know You” “The whole earth is full of the glory of the Creator, and there is no place free from Him.” The upper force fills all creation, the desire to enjoy created by this force, and manages it. “But we do not feel it only because we lack the necessary sense organs.”

“In this way, a receiver does not talk itself, but picks up voices that sound in the world. But before the receiver was invented, we did not hear these voices, although they already existed in reality.

“We can understand from this example that there is no place free from the Creator, and we need just a receiver. And the receiver that catches the upper force is based on adhesion to it in the equivalence of form, that is, on the desire to bestow.

“As soon as we have such a receiver, we will immediately feel that there is no such area, where the Creator is not present, and the whole earth is full of His glory.”

We are in the group like scientists in a laboratory, who only need to generate the force of mutual bestowal between themselves in order to be turned into a receiver. Then, inside the receiver, we will reveal the spiritual wave, the Creator.

It is revealed only in the connection between us. And all the preliminary preparation, our development through the still, vegetative, and animate nature up to the human was needed in order to form in us the desire to find this wave.

Therefore, we must look for how we can be connected according to the advice of Kabbalists. But all this is very far from mysticism. Only a completely ignorant person can relate Kabbalah with mysticism since according to the definition of Kabbalah, it is the revelation of the Creator by the created being in this world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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