The Impartial Rotation Of The Wheel Of History

Dr. Michael LaitmanMicah, 7:6; Tractate Sotah 49.6: Before the advent of the Messiah …the house of gathering will be the home of debauchery, Galilee will be destroyed in wars …sages will be shamed, those afraid of sin will be despised, and there will be no truth. Righteous will not be able to get along with the falsehearted, and will be forced to retire.  

Before the coming of Messiah …youngsters will be ashamed of the elders and the elderly will rise in front of the young …for a son disgraces his father; a daughter rises up against her mother; a daughter-in-law, against her mother-in-law; a man’s enemies are the members of his household. Gradually, we are approaching this state. We sense it in all spheres of our life; in families, countries, and social structures.

People remain alone with their egoism and the interests of our friends or family members are not taken into account. The state of affairs that we currently experience is called complete darkness.

In the Tractate Sotah, it is said that “the face of the generation will be as the dog’s grin.” In other words, the face of the generation has already acquired a terrible impression of the dusk. That’s why we talk about the darkness that approaches us.

We notice it when we look at our youngsters, we also watch this process looking at ourselves and observing our own changes. We admit that we unconsciously agree with everything that happens around us without having a clue that this kind of attitude turns into a habit.

This state is completely opposite to the one that might bring us closer to the Creator. It’s only a way of demonstrating how much farther we are getting from Him.

Nonetheless, detachment from the Creator or drawing closer to Him is one and the same move, such as a wheel that rotates in a reverse motion, but still takes us forward. The same concept applies here in that I am at the point that is opposite to my goal, but I still continue advancing.

Question: What sensations do people experience when moral, social, and family values are being destroyed?

Answer: We see what’s going on with families, children, divorces, drugs, and relationships.

Big families are rare these days since solid family connections vanish. Detachment of parents from their children and vice versa is a symbol of our time. Spouses cannot live together any longer since they have nothing in common. We do everything to be independent and invent numerous technological novelties that allow us to be completely autonomous.

We think that our home is our castle. However, we cannot rely on our families, nor count on their support just because we are their parts. There is nothing like that anymore. Instead, numerous nursing homes, various hostels, and other places where people remain lonely are very widespread today.

All these are signs of the darkness that is meant to enhance our need for the Messiah’s arrival, which is the force that will pull us out of the state of detachment and bring us to unity.
From KabTV’s “Will Messiah Come?” 11/14/14

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