Regarding Terror, Rising Prices And The Unification Of Society, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of a social consensus, thanks to which it is possible to solve all of our problems?

Answer: Social consensus symbolizes that we have become a single body. It’s very simple! We agree that the people of Israel are a unique people upon which depends the fate of the world, all peoples, and even the mood of the Creator, if it is possible to say such a thing.

Social consensus is the same level to which it is possible to bring the people of Israel living in the land of Israel to common knowledge, awareness, and emotion. Suppose that today we agree that the price of yogurt is way too expensive. Now together with this, we need to reach a consensus that only through our connection and unity can we bring down the price of yogurt by half.

Yogurt is just a typical example. You could use anything else as an example. There are enough examples of high costs in Israel. But who is to blame for this? We ourselves are to blame for not connecting with each other.

Only general education will make it possible to determine what kind of mutual connection there is between us and to actually realize this connection through bringing changes to society. So we invite everyone to take part in our discussion circles.

Gradually a person begins to change. This is called “the influence of the environment on a person.” The environment will change his heart, as there is no other force. The person is not ready to change himself and only the force of the environment does this.

Television must help social unity, such as we do on Channel 66 (in Israel). It is necessary to work on this to create a warm atmosphere in schools so that there won’t be problems such as those that there are now. According to the opinion of sociologists, if 10% of the total population begins to organize something, then they obligate everyone else to participate. In such a manner we can bring consensus to the entire society.

Question: But in what way is this call for equality different from those attempts that humanity has already taken for many years?

Answer: I suggest a working tool, like a screwdriver or a key, through which it is possible to solve our common problem and that of everyone personally at its root by going back to maintaining the balance of nature.

As far as it seems, all previous approaches have been unsuccessful, for the condition of the world is becoming worse and worse. Whereas in the present case, we are beginning to understand the law of existence of human society, the process that it is going through, and the methods that make it possible for us to adhere to this inevitable process, such that we will feel ourselves more and more in every coming point of our development.

This is not talking about trying to convince the government to lower taxes. The solution is found within nature itself, and it requires balance from us. If we don’t establish balance, then all of our various attempts to correct the situation will cost us dearly and will bring even greater loss and damage on a deeper level.

If we don’t heal this illness at its root now, through correction and consolidation of society, then it will break out even more strongly in in another place. Suppose that we gather a particular crowd and go out to a demonstration to make the price of yogurt cheaper by half and we succeed in this. Instead of this, a capitalist will raise the price of other necessary products by 5% and it will follow that we haven’t gained anything.

This is because we have not acted according to the law of nature, according to its trend, but  have instead acted according to our understanding. And when we rely on our intellect, it always follows that we want to correct something egoistically, with the result being worse. The same previous destruction remains In nature and it grows even more. We are then forced to suffer even more, so that eventually we may understand the need for the correction of society.

The problem of the price of yogurt doesn’t exist by itself, rather it is pushing us towards connection with others. Whereas you are saying that you could get its price lowered in another way. But in general we are not talking about yogurt but about social consensus!

Yogurt is only an excuse for making it possible for us to unite. We exist in a global system that is interconnected, a small global village that is embraced by a general crisis.

There was once a very popular slogan: “The people demand social justice!” Today it is possible to change it to this: “The people demand social consolidation!”
From a Talk, 4/13/14

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