A One-Bedroom Planet

Laitman_077A development consists of two processes: interface and expansion of parts. As nature becomes more complex and developed, it acquires diversity, it is enriched by new forms and facets. As a result, each of nature’s elements connect, interact, and fulfills its role exactly in its own special place for the benefit of the overall system.

Question: How does this relate to the development of humanity at this time?

Answer: We’ve come to a new stage, and it appears before us already. Suddenly everyone became interconnected, and humanity became a small “village” where all depend on each other for good or for evil.

It’s impossible to slip out of this network; we can’t make any steps on our own. Some still think that they are capable of making decisions about the destruction of half of humanity and the interruption of the connection between us. However, these dramatic events won’t reach the goal. We can’t break the connection.

Question: That reminds us of the lentil seeds in a saucepan, once ingested they lose their shape. Isn’t that how we lose our individual form while being boiled in the boiler of history? What are we required to do today?

Answer: We need to unite rationally, in a mature way, understanding WHAT we are doing and why.

Question: What if we continue on the same course of egoistic individualism?

Answer: This trend won’t bring us anything but misery. After all, the world has become different. It manifested integrated forces that affect us from all sides, and we see firsthand how the individualistic approach causes harm instead of good.

Suppose we’re in the same room. I want to play the drums, the other person wants to sleep, the third one wants to watch TV, and the fourth person is going to cook the same lentil soup. Can we all get along?

Meanwhile, everything is just like that. And the situation is heating up on all levels. For example, climate shocks have only just begun, and their impact throughout is already enormous.

Therefore, it won’t be possible to live as before anymore. After all, we are like insects on the surface of Earth that built themselves fragile shelters. Our forces are no match for the forces of nature.

However, we demolish the foundation of wellbeing ourselves. That’s why there isn’t an alternative, it’s time to recognize that the world is integral, that all depend on each other and live “in one room,” on one “ball” and there’s no where to run from it. Other “rooms” aren’t available here.

Perhaps due to hopelessness, while applying our mind as intended, we’ll be able to “control” our own egoism, so that it would allow us to agree among ourselves. It follows from what we know about the development of nature, today, it obliges us to be like the integrated system. And the integrated system contains two parts: the “plus” and “minus,” giving and receiving. We get plenty of force of reception, but not enough of the force of bestowal. The force of bestowal is what we have to find and develop.

This can be done, and there is a special technique called “integral education” in order to accomplish it. With its help, it’s necessary to “implant” each person with the basics of bestowal, and then one will learn how to use two parts of nature. A person will build oneself by gaining confidence in the future, self-confidence, and confidence for one’s children, and for the whole world.

Otherwise, if we choose an egoistic way, then all our strength, all the wealth and resources we have will be spent to fight the forces of nature, heat and cold, drought and floods, disease, etc.

For instance, if the extinction of bees continues, we will have nothing to eat. We desperately depend upon natural systems to the extent that we can’t fully realize this.

And indeed, a violation of the integral law entails a number of consequences in the world.

After all, everything in nature is an interconnected system; in fact, it’s a single mechanism. Crops and orchards provide food not only for us but also animals that we breed. This means that the system interference threatens our vital needs, and it’s very dangerous.

On the other hand, these misfortunes have to show that we lack the second force. After all, if we aren’t connected to each other, we won’t be able to negotiate and conclude agreements necessary for survival. From this we see that all the forces are designed to compel a person to study and draw conclusions upon the process through which the planet Earth has passed. And the main conclusion is that everything comes from the connectivity of parts. Development derives from the compilation, interface of parts into more complex systems, and this is what we have to come to understand.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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