When Sanity Leads To Chaos

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what case will the method of Abraham, which still is portrayed as irrational, be accepted?

Answer: Today humanity is ready to accept anything illogical because it is beginning to understand that our current rationality is actually beastly and doesn’t work on the level of society.

Oddly enough, now there is a total disappointment in the logic, in the ability of the modern consumer “sanity” to overcome problems that keep on rolling along. Egoism itself has finished; Marx was right about this, and there is nothing to even talk about his perspicacity.

All that remains is to act on the level of elementary logic, to explain abstractly to people from the side: “Is it good for all of us to be connected together by good threads?  Good. Is it good to earn only as much as is necessary and any more we simply don’t need?  Good. Is it good to have a single optimal standard of living for all?  Yes. How about no hunger and sickness, no huge chasm between the rich and the poor? Good. The whole world cares about ecology? Good.”

But how do we do this if we are all so bad?

Here we need to show people that a power exists that can realize this. In any case, sooner or later, we must come to this state and the sooner it will be, the less suffering there will be. If we succeed in conveying our message correctly, humanity will already be ready to accept this logic.

Question: Do all the Jews need to return physically to the land of Israel?

Answer: I don’t think so. I suppose that it doesn’t matter at all where one lives. It is said that the land of Israel will expand to the edges of the whole world. Figuratively speaking, it would extend over the entire globe.

Points of spirituality occur worldwide. It doesn’t matter where a person is located. Furthermore, these people must become teachers for the whole world. After all, humanity yearns for some method for the right existence. We see that now it doesn’t exist anywhere; everyone lives only for today, fearing to consider tomorrow or simply not thinking about it. Nobody has a realistic long-range strategy and there isn’t even a normal tactic for reciprocal connection for the sake of some common goal. Instead we are witness to the totally chaotic movement of each and every person. And so our logic will be clear to humanity.

Along with this, there is a little trick here: Humanity will be able to accept this logic and realize it only after the people of Israel become the first to apply it to life. That is how the general system is organized; it is specifically these people, hated, stubborn, egoistic, and so on, who must first and foremost realize the method in themselves and provide an example. As soon as they do, at least somewhat, everyone will begin to study with them.

This is because the readiness to learn from the Jews is latent in all the nations of the world. The basis of their hatred is not respected, but there is a basic awareness that in this people there is something higher, which is specifically what they want so much to annihilate. This doesn’t let the nations rest, as it stands in their way. This is a natural reaction, but on the opposite side, there is an inner readiness to adopt what is new and to learn it. So our only problem is in the making of the correct society.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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