The Lack Of Consensus

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could you please tell us how you decided to take on the mission of disseminating Kabbalah widely in the world, so that we can follow your example?

Answer: Today, you have no other choice since you live in another generation. I was still in a transition time, standing with one foot in the time where Kabbalists of all generations lived preparing their students in small groups, hidden from everyone else.

So it was with my teacher Rabash, before my arrival. Then I came along and changed that place. At the beginning, his entire family greeted me very warmly because I took care of him.

But they quickly cooled towards me because through me, forty absolutely secular people from Tel Aviv came to study. In the religious area of Bnei Brak, it was uncustomary to have these kind of students and it cast a shadow over their home. Rabash was the only one who was happy about the new students, but all his family members were upset.

I was still in the transition process and in some way helped this revolution begin. But today, you live in a different era and in a new generation. So, you only need to unite with each other and pull the whole world towards this, beginning with the closest, tightly knit circles to wider ones.

Otherwise pressure and blows will outpace your progress and will roll with great speed, not as it was in the last century. Politicians and sociologists say that the main problem today is the health of society, and the entire political struggle will be carried out around this issue.

But no one but us has the means of improving society; all other ways have long proven to be ineffective. Humanity was obliged to check them out and find out that they not only do not help, but harm.

Thus, we are shown that the entire society can succeed only through the path of Kabbalah. And if we do it together, then improvement will affect all areas of the life of the nation, such as safety and education.

Question: How can we ourselves make such a decision to really make this step?

Answer: I cannot decide for you! You are looking at me and waiting for me to say something. But I have nothing more to say. I say what to do and the implementation is up to you.

Question: What stops us from making this decision?

Answer: It should be a consensus that you have decided, committed, signed an agreement with each other, and then demanded each other to perform this action.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/14, Workshop

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