The Children Of The Universe, Part 10

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are saying that up until now we have been studying nature in a limited, subjective manner, since we base our studies on our ego that limits every research.

This means that we shouldn’t invent new telescopes, microscopes and particle accelerators, but actually something that is totally different. What kind of instrument do we need in order to study the universe?

Answer: We need a new program for mankind. Nature has made us egoists, and in that sense, we are not very different from the animate level. We have only invented different tools and instruments and now we have atom bombs and other such weapons in our hands instead of a stick. We have advanced in the same direction through our evolution.

But if we want to really exit our bubble and don’t want to keep on being the worm that lives inside the bitter radish and who perceives it as its whole world, we need to pay more attention and make more efforts to the acquiring of a second nature. We have to try to program ourselves anew in that direction so that the two types of nature will be integrated inside us: both our old nature that receives and the new nature that bestows and gives.

Then we will really see the other half of the universe, of the world, or even worlds, and we would also see the reason for everything that happens. It is actually by studying the nature of bestowal that we attain and learn about our root and its plan. Otherwise, if we stay inside, we will not discover or know anything about ourselves and will simply continue to improve our mechanical and technological toys and nothing more than that.

The new level is a person’s inner technology, without any clever tricks that we created through the ego. It is a method of acquiring the power of bestowal, and is part of nature that we only have to take out so that it will be dressed in us and form the system of a parallel perception within us.

Question: How will this affect our daily lives?

Answer: First of all, we will discover how and what we should live for and how to improve our lives. The universe itself originated from these two forces, and by establishing the mutual cooperation of these two systems of receiving and bestowal within it, we rise above them to the thought that created the universe. Thus we actually, and not just symbolically, ascend to an eternal infinite state.

Generally speaking, we develop towards this basic question one way or the other. It isn’t just a question about the reason for our sufferings and the meaning of our bitter life, but about the basic initial reason, about its purpose. Only the universe will be able to provide us with an answer when we ascend above the egoistic attraction, which for the time being, is symbolized by our planet earth.

Question: Where is the field of work in which we can properly develop the forces of bestowal inside us? Is it about my relations with the universe or with other people?

Answer: It is about relationships with other people, because they are actually the most developed matter. It is by mutual cooperation and by my interactions with them that I can develop a second nature.

This enables me to discover new things in the universe. When I exit myself, I see a different dimension through the prism of the force of bestowal in which space has no meaning. I look at the world above matter.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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