Isolation For The Good Of The Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the “Thirteen Parts of the Correction of the Hair” mean in relation to the ego?

Answer: This is an external manifestation of desires that are given to be corrected. We correct them like all of the usual desires, but they reveal themselves as outward and external.

This means that according to the stimulation that is revealed on the skin, which is in contact with the hair, the head, and also the chin, it is understood what must be done with this person and in what manner he must be isolated from society. This is because he is currently not useful to the society because he is in a pathological state and becomes a source of cancer. Through his egoistic desire, he only infects society.

Isolating this person from society means not just physically keeping him at a distance, but isolating him from contact with others. He doesn’t need to be associated with anyone else in society in any way until he corrects himself separately. Time will usually do this when he is alone with the Creator.

Problems like these appear on higher levels and correct a person, as in the case of Moses when he hid his hand inside, took it out, and there was leprosy on it. He put his hand in again, took it out, and it was clean. This is a manifestation of a very deep, egoistic pathology.

Question: Suppose that in a group there are people who are in descent, they are sleeping in the lessons, and they don’t want to participate in events. Their time has not yet come; it is not allowed to touch them.

But there are people who are harmful and they begin to convey their philosophy. These people must be suspended for a time, which may even be permanent. Is this a state of leprosy that begins to gnaw at everyone and can even bring down the whole group?

Answer: Certainly, for the leper is a very strong person, very advanced, but he discovers problems like these within his ego that he must somehow conquer by himself so as not to influence the group. He does this by himself, since he is on the level of a priest and can isolate himself, but cannot heal.

Moreover, he doesn’t isolate himself physically. Rather, he is working on himself all the time so that he will not affect the group. This is called “expelling him from the camp” where he is warned not to influence the group detrimentally, and so he gradually heals himself of the leprosy.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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