A Blessing Instead Of Judgment

Dr. Michael LaitmanWeisman, “Midrash Sefer,” “After the death of,” “Holy Work on Yom Kippur”: For Yom Kippur you should prepare a person in advance, who should take the goat that is meant for Azazel to the desert, and throw it off a cliff there. The Creator has promised that by this holy work the sins of the whole congregation of Israel would be forgiven.

The one who took the goat to the desert would usually die by the end of the year and so this mission was given to person who was doomed to die that year…

The great priest couldn’t leave the inner yard until then and continue the holy work until the goat was in the desert…

In those days when the Jewish nation was a nation of righteous, they knew about the arrival of the goat to the desert when the red string that was tied to the Holy of Holies turned white.

A person who is a messenger of the whole congregation, which means of all of his desires, discovers inside him such desires that cannot be corrected and kills them.

He throws the goat (his uncorrected desires) from the cliff, according to his feelings, according to his assessments, and according to his scale and dies since he cannot correct them and thus he ascends even higher.

Such attributes called the animal in us are chosen in each of us. The uncorrected person and the uncorrected goat can complement one another. The state of the animal in us is thus corrected when we throw it from the cliff and shatter these desires.

Thanks to this state, the human being in us dies. The uncorrected part in us has to die during that year. Its death is what is good for us, our reward. When the state is called the animal in us dies, we ascend. This is a great joy, a feeling of correction and freedom from such egoistic desires, which we could not get rid of earlier.

It is said that they knew about the arrival of the goat to the desert when the red string tied to the Holy of Holies turned white. This means that now all the attributes of Din (judgment) turn to attributes of Hesed (mercy), which means that the sins of the nation are forgiven and it is freed of the uncorrected desires.

It is because the whole nation sends the goat to the desert and so all their desires on the animal level are thrown and shattered. Thus, instead of the Lord’s judgment, the nation receives the Lord’s blessing.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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