No Descents, Only The Ascent!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When they disperse from Sochi to their homes, the people no longer want to be the way they were before. But what can they do if the city “cloaks” the person with all of its problems?

Answer: We must have two “coverings,” which we must always be concerned about guarding.

There is my external covering. Before everyone I perform like a theatrical actor. Everything that I display to my co-workers, neighbors, and even my family is all external. And inside is my own self. This is my “Sochi,” my friends, my spirituality, my true life.

When you are in your Sochi, you can allow yourselves to be temporarily composed of one part with which you come in contact with everyone and make yourselves a single Adam (man). And after that, when you disperse, when you go out to the external world, you must immediately clothe yourselves with your “outer shirt.”

It is precisely in the opposition between these two states, these two bodies, in one person where one grows.

Comment: So then when a person returns from Sochi he will sit at home longing and suffering.

Answer: We can use the coming convention in Saint Petersburg. We need to gather everyone into a single whole. Why do we think that people are longing and falling? There are no descents! There is only ascent now, and that is all:  rant and rave! What has already been, already was. They descended; so they descended. This was because the external environment influenced everyone. But now it is necessary to very quickly cheer up and begin to work.

We can use this immense power! People are ready to unite, and they understand you! So you must begin to connect and unite them, to prepare them and draw them to the convention.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 2

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