Humanity On The Threshold Of Divorce

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire method about which the Torah speaks, from the first Adam (man) until entering the land of Israel, is the process within a group of Kabbalists who discover the evil within the group while working on the spiritual connection between them. From then on, only good is discovered.

The discovery of evil is all the hatred that separates people and is discovered to the degree that they want to connect. However, now instead of quarreling over various insipid matters, if humanity would want to connect, it would not need to discover the evil. All of their evil is found within the people of Israel. Therefore, the nations of the world cannot correct this evil alone. They do this with the help of the people of Israel and reach correction all at once.

After all, if the true evil of the ego were revealed in them at the moment that they begin to connect, the world would be drowning in evil. They really would be devouring each other down to the bone. So, the work of connection was given only to the people of Israel who are called the “stiff-necked people.”

The people of Israel do the work of connection and transform themselves into a “glue” that can connect all of humanity. They work together with the nations of the world, but their evil inclination is not revealed in this work.

This is an interesting concept. After all, the evil inclination is specifically revealed at the time of connection between people, and we need to work with that. The Torah tells us about this in all the stages of the wilderness. In other words, they are the stages of revealing the ego that is gradually discovered and corrected. It seems as if the children of Israel were wrong, transgressed, and violated the commands of the Creator. However, it is precisely in this way that they corrected themselves and prepared themselves for entry into the land of Israel.

After their entry into the land of Israel, they still needed to conquer it, but this was already a different war, which was the conquest of the nations in the land of Israel: This was the use of the ego through the power of bestowal that they previously acquired. However, in our day, in order to correct the entire human ego, it is necessary to conquer the entire world by means of the power of bestowal. The nations of the world are not obligated to fight with their evil inclination.

The whole Torah talks about the discovery of evil that is revealed through the inclination to connect. This is similar to what a young couple does when they go through all kinds of conflicts when they try to get along in their shared life. They communicate more and more through a shared kitchen, bedroom, living room, house chores, work, a joint bank account, and spare time.

Before then, they would meet somewhere from time to time, and this didn’t obligate them to do anything. Suddenly, they have lots of reasons to connect, and so the evil inclination is revealed in them.

The entire world now feels like a pair of newlyweds. So, it requires a method, the wisdom of connection, which is the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is required everywhere; in our time there is no possibility of connecting in any other way.

Why are people not ready to connect today? Why do so many couples divorce? It is because not only is the ego revealed but also the true evil inclination. This is because humanity must now be connected all over the globe and on all levels. So, everyone will be required to know the wisdom of Kabbalah that teaches how to overcome the evil inclination.

When you want to connect with your child, you must know how to do this, specifically with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. You need to learn to attract the Light that Reforms otherwise you won’t have a connection with your children. Today, parents lose connection with their children who reach adolescence around the age of 13, and, in another decade, this connection will already be weakened by the age of seven or eight, and even earlier.

Today, at the age of three or four, children begin to feel completely independent. For them, a parent is simply a tool for attaining a goal, which is the fulfillment of their desires and no more. Problems of this type will appear everywhere. It is impossible to attain connection without the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Everywhere that people try to connect, in the workplace or at home, they will discover their evil inclination. They will want to connect more and will not be ready for it. So, they will divorce. Even the terrorists are divided and are not ready to connect into one gang. There are so many groups and so many factions among them! The separation will keep on growing everywhere. Soon, everyone will sit in his house with a rifle, and that’s it.

The friends in a group of Kabbalists consciously work on the connection between them. Therefore, all of these phenomena become expressed among them in a very clear and obvious form. However, Kabbalists have the tools for working against their ego, against separation, and against hatred. The friends perform the role of the people of Israel, regarding all of the children of Israel, just as all the people of Israel do with respect to all of humanity. So, all of the people of Israel must work like a group of Kabbalists with respect to the whole world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/14, Writings of Rabash

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