A Transformation Of Dominance

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe subject of the second lesson at the convention in Saint Petersburg is “The Cyclical Nature of the Evil Inclination.”

In my opinion, everything is clear here. Wherever I turn, I am immersed in my own evil inclination. Whatever I do, whomever I think about, it is only to exploit this person, to benefit myself somehow, and after that forget him, in that I remove him from my mind completely.

If I become familiar with the force of my ego, I will gradually be able to feel how disgusting and despicable the discovery of this evil within me is to me, how much I would like to be released from it and transform it into good. For in fact, it won’t leave me, I simply transform it into a yearning for others, into bestowal to others, into love for them.

That is how I value my foul and terrible evil inclination, even though strangers don’t see anything wrong with it.

First, I reach awareness that I have maintained and cultivated my ego, I have thought about how I can fill it. After that, I see that it enslaves me and I don’t enslave it. So what am I wasting my life on? Now I begin to hate it, because it connects me to it, obliges me to do everything for it. I must work for its sake all the time, because it, like Pharaoh, secretly reigns over me.

And then I reach a state where I discover this control, feel how the ego is choking me to the point I can no longer remain in it; it is killing me. As a result, I am released from its clutches.

And when I am detached from it, from its control over me, I will begin to control it. I will begin to manage it with the help of the Upper Light.
From the Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention, 9/9/14

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