The Way To Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is known that to fulfill our egoistic desires, we use only 3% of our brain’s capacity. In which case would we take advantage of the entire 100%?

Answer: When we begin to include greater desires, then the other capacities of the brain will be used. If we begin to mutually operate the attribute of bestowal between us, the brain will begin to enlarge and activate areas that previously worked in a neutral mode.

But in this case, we are no longer speaking of the physical brain, because when we enter the spiritual world, we stop identifying ourselves with the body. We are not partners with it. Therefore a person who maintains his physical body (and for this there are special laws and instructions), the majority of the focus of life moves to the other side, the side of the spiritual.

For any of our attainment, each stage begins with the body, as from zero, when a person has absolutely no spiritual attainment, similar to how a newborn gradually develops, and thus we develop on each level.

The body needs to be ill, to suffer, to die, and to decompose. Everything takes place according to the spiritual levels, until we go to such a level that it already fully acts in bestowal, and thus there no longer remains opposing forces in him and the possibility of death disappears.

This state of our desires is called eternal, perfect. When we reach this state, our body disappears from our sensations. And in the end, all of this world will enter into a new state, a new dimension.

Question: This means that instead of two forces only one force will exist?

Answer: No. Two forces will remain, but the second force, as well as the first, will work for the sake of bestowal.

All the negative forces have the right to exist and a person’s main problem is to understand that when he enters the system of correction, in attaining the soul, in revealing the Creator, he only needs to change and invert the negative forces into positive ones. This is because they are the most effective and productive, giving the desired fruit.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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