The Long Road Towards The Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring spiritual development a person passes through a multitude of stages before reaching despair. From despair he further experiences all kinds of states until he discovers that only the Creator can help him.

If we are in a group, then as it is said, (Isaiah 41:6) “They helped every one his neighbor.” We remind each other that the Creator is the one who is giving us all kinds of exercises and that behind all of these states that happen to us we must discover Him at every moment. But we are confused by forgetting about this between these moments that all of this is coming so that we will ask Him to be revealed. By ourselves we are incapable of discovering the Creator.

About this, Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “There is None Else Beside Him”: And the benefit from the rejections is that through them a person receives a need and a complete desire for the Creator to help him, since he sees that otherwise he is lost.

So we must focus all of our attention on how to discover the Creator in everything that is happening with us. We must check what the Kabbalists recommend for us to do when we are studying, when we are in a group, and when we are disseminating so that all of these activities will be directed towards discovering the Creator in every situation that happens to each of us and with all of us together.

The Creator only helps those people who truly want to get closer to Him. It is impossible for them to stop in the middle of the way and remain in the false situation they are currently in.

If a Reshimo, a desire to approach the Creator, is truly awakened in them, He helps them by placing them in even more complicated situations where it is even more difficult to comprehend, understand, and agree that everything comes from the Creator. Or He lets them relax; everything is okay, everything is wonderful: They study, they advance, they disseminate, everything is going well and they have no lack of anything.

But if the person invests effort in every circumstance and tries to gather additional desires with the help of the group and work with the external public, all of these desires acquired from the friends or from the external world become parts of his soul if he gathers all the desires from them, all of the deficiencies for fulfillment, all of their failures in life. He transforms them into a single desire, a single demand directed towards the Creator. So He organizes all of this for them. And then he cannot justify the Creator and he is so confused that he is not prepared to attribute everything to the Creator only; he thinks that all kinds of other causes and forces may exist.

And by beginning to be involved with them, the person suddenly sees that he is not linking everything to the Creator. Likewise, he cannot say that everything that is happening is for the good. So he has a reason to advance, there is an imperative to shout to the Creator to help him so that He will give him the right perception, so that He will be discovered. But this is not because the person is confused. In this case he would be asking from the side of the ego for things to be better and more pleasant for him, for everything to be okay.

On the contrary, he wants to remain confused and have claims against the Creator. By not agreeing with Him, he blames Him for what is happening in the world and cannot bring himself to a state in which he sees that all of the events that are happening in the world, even the most difficult and worst situations, all this is a higher mercy and everything is coming from the good and that does good.

And all the vile and terrible situations only pass over our ego so that we will be distanced from it, and will purify ourselves of it, and then they will all remain in the ego, whereas, we detach ourselves from it and move toward the side of the Creator.

This means that the blows only help us to distance ourselves from the ego and move to the other side. They don’t pass over us, but over our ego and are felt in us to the degree that we adhere to it. But if we rise above it, then the blows remain there, within the ego.

Likewise, through these blows we must understand that this is the Upper Light that is shining more strongly than usual, but it cannot shine within the ego, so within the ego it is felt as the opposite, as darkness. And this darkness in the density of our desire, of the still, vegetative, and animate, and speaking, brings us the feeling of a world full of suffering.

If within this desire on the speaking level we build a group, with its help we can become detached from every egoistic desire. Then we rise like a spaceship and take off towards the Creator.

That is how we detach from all the bad sensations and are very happy about this because we begin to discover that there is none else beside Him and that He is the good that does good, and now we can say that about Him and not blame Him. We see the truth and so we are happy, not that we now feel that things are good for us, but because we can say good things about the Creator.
From the Convention In New Jersey “Day Two” 8/9/14, Lesson 4

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