Invest Effort!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Having gained some experience in Sochi we will disperse to our homes. How should we build the workshops better and continue to improve the way of conducting them?

Answer: The idea is that I cannot hasten events and talk about what is still too early for you to hear. To the degree that you invest effort, you will gradually be changed.

As you change, I am allowed to reveal to you newer and newer aspects of reality, the creation, and its correction. But if you don’t invest effort, I cannot convey anything to you.

I understand that you are eager to get the entire method, the general overview of approach, of description of how to work with the population. But only according to your efforts can I say a little about the general program, about the general infrastructure, and no more. And you will have to try to struggle further so as not to drown.

These efforts create conditions for me to be able to tell you something more. That’s the only way. It is not because I am cruel and want you to suffer, rather it is because you will not have enough sensations to absorb, to take in this material into yourselves so that you will feel it in your desires, sensations, so that you will taste it a little bit. Otherwise, you will not feel it. This is why I act like this. So invest effort!
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 3

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