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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are conducting integral circles (connection workshops), but we don’t use external forms of information (such as publicity and marketing). This takes people out of the group because they don’t agree with the form of dissemination, even though they agree with the path. At this junction a problem is created: A person wants to express his needs, but doesn’t get feedback from the group.

Answer: Our form of dissemination changes all the time. If you ask me, I also don’t know in what form we will disseminate tomorrow, for this is not written anywhere. The wisdom of Kabbalah is purely a practical science.

A person by the name Adam suddenly discovered the system of the world 5,774 years ago. He found its mutual connections and the manner in which it is possible to enter into comprehensive integrality and attain it more and more deeply.

He, and others after him described this, and what they didn’t describe remains for us to discover and describe. You must enter the spiritual state through attaining the inner system of nature and describe the mutual connection between all of its parts.

Presently, we are in a stage about about which neither Adam nor Abraham nor anyone in the world has known or heard. It would seem we question who are we in comparison with those great scientists who discovered the depths of nature. However, what we are doing today was not under their control.

So, by ourselves from our experiences and advancing as if in a fog, we discover everything through the method of trial and error. We describe our steps each time, and after that, we cancel them and describe them again and again more correctly. This is how every science develops.

This is the true way and it is not necessary to suffer, to flee, and to be ashamed of it. I keep repeating in lessons that, in the meantime, I don’t know how to go in the right direction because this has not yet been in the world! There has not been a correction from the lowest point of our world where an entire group attains spirituality.

This happened once in the group of Rabbi Shimon and his students who wrote The Book of Zohar and then only in an embryo, a bud.

Only now in our condition, in the whole mess that is happening around us, we must begin to create and describe our method. So, I urge everyone all the time, “Write!” Don’t erase anything old, let others learn from your steps, how you went, how you erred, and you how discovered something again, and again corrected it.

We need to give people the wisdom of connection so that it will spread like wildfire, which is already happening. Our project is the largest. You must not be distracted by nonsense. We need to be involved with this where we continually magnify our work, our mission. Everything begins from this.
From a conversation at the Sochi Convention 6/9/14

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