Pioneers of the Integral Movement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one keep the unity in a group if we are far from each other, scattered all over the country?

Answer: Now, we are in a transition period, in a stage of building our system, and we still don’t know how to organize it correctly. No historical parallels exist for this; along with you, we are the first, the pioneers.

Each time some new possibility is discovered, we grasp it and realize it. But nobody knows what will happen tomorrow because we depend upon tens of thousands of our friends, each of whom has free choice.

While we are all linked with each other, each one has free choice, and in this manner, we become such a complicated and complex system that it is impossible to predict how it will behave tomorrow.

I know how to advance correctly, which principles must be maintained, and also I hope to understand what must be done in every moment that comes. But all the stages through which we pass are completely new, and I myself have not gone through them. I have gone through stages on my own personal spiritual path, but not through the path of an integral group, or of humanity, or a mini-humanity, this being our group.

So I don’t know how to build a group like this where all of its members are scattered over a large area, as in France, for example. It is necessary to try to do this according to the current existing technology. Once a month or once every two months it is worthwhile to gather in some single place, and all the rest of the time to be in contact with each other.

It is necessary to work together on some single project that will connect us and build our relationship. Certainly there is a difference if we are in a physical connection or not. It is not by chance that we are living in this world of physical bodies. Connection between bodies is the foundation for the birth of a new life. So when we gather together in conventions, a connection is created between us that is used as the foundation for spiritual development.

But after the gathering, each one can organize part of our general work for himself in the place he is in and move forward. We need to build a group and advance just like that. I am sure that with time additional opportunities will be revealed to us. If we overcome physical distance, then we will benefit very much and will immediately begin to feel a spiritual connection between us. It is necessary to relate to this only with complete seriousness.

In the meantime, I cannot say more than this. I will be happy to pass through all the stages of this way with you, but no person in the world has yet had experience with this. Even if Rabbi Shimon, the author of the Book of Zohar, or Baal HaSulam were in my place, they also would not know this. What has not been revealed practically on the lower level, no one can know, since this depends upon people’s free choice.
From the “One For All And All For One,” Convention in France, Day One 5/09/14, Lesson 1

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