How Can We Win The War?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is Israel, with all its military superiority, losing the war?

Answer: Today is not the government and the state that rules everything but public opinion, not only the public opinion in the country, but also the world public opinion towards different countries.

In this case it doesn’t matter who has the “Iron Dome” and who will win the war. The war is won by the one who can control public opinion both at home and abroad.

In order for us to organize the correct public opinion in the world, we need to justify our actions. We can justify our actions only if we tell the whole world why we strive to live here in Israel, why we are needed here, why living precisely in Israel we benefit the world.

And to justify their actions, we can only if we tell the world about why we strive to live here in Israel, why do we need here, why living in Israel we benefit the world.

This is what we need to do, meaning that we have to explain who we are, what our function in the world is, and how our struggle for our independence is going to help the world, that is, to bring the world to the corrected state.

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