Attainment That Stems From Oppositeness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “Ki Tazria” (When a Woman Delivers), Item 105: “As light excels over darkness.” The benefit of the light comes only out of the darkness. The correction of the white is black, for without the black, the white would be pointless. And because there is black, the white is elevated and respected. It is like sweet and bitter. A person cannot know the taste of sweetness before he has tasted bitterness. Thus, what makes it sweet is the bitter.

In things where there are opposites, the one reveals the other, such as in white and black, light and darkness, sick and healthy.

Darkness is the embodiment of all the negativity that we attain in life: insecurity, fear, stinginess, pride, and contempt. Why did the Creator create darkness as the cruelest, dirtiest form that is opposite from Him? It is actually in order to attain the Light.

We, the created beings can determine everything only by oppositeness. The Creator is only one infinite Light. There are no two opposite attributes in Him in order to feel, to prefer, and to learn about one from the other. We have to understand that there cannot be one attribute without the other.

When we ascend we do so along the right and the left lines, on two legs, by opposite attributes, by opposite feelings, and the more Light there is, the more it is felt in contrast to greater darkness. This happens all the time, everywhere, in everything that we feel, think and in every decision that we make.

A person has to have great patience in advance in order to be able to go through all this. But it isn’t easy to do so because the spiritual path is the path of purification from the ego and is based on an inner struggle.

Only the right support of the environment and its constant strengthening can keep a person above the water while he is actually no one and nothing. When ten zeros come together and understand that none of them are worth anything but together they do their best to help one another, the Upper Light descends upon them and turns them into heroes.

Question: What is the psychology of a person’s inner movement?

Answer: The pleasure one receives is not a masochistic pleasure. It is a result of one’s self-correction.

Imagine ten people who cannot help one another in any way but who are still trying to do so with all their might. This brings a great upper force to descend upon them since each of them is fighting his ego in order to help the others. The result is circular mutual guarantee and the upper force connects, empowers, and raises them to the next level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/12/14

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