Light And Darkness: Reevaluation

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati 34, “The Profit of a Land”: It turns out that all the suffering he feels is because he slanders Providence. It turns out that what hurts him is that where he should have been praising the Creator, saying “Blessed is He who has created us in His Glory,” meaning that the creatures respect the Creator, he sees that the world’s conduct is unfitting for His glory, since everyone complains and demands that first it should be open Providence that the Creator leads the world in benevolence. Since it is not open, they say that this Providence does not glorify Him, and that pains him.

This is all that pains him since by being in a state of separation, he cannot justify His guidance. This is considered hating the state of separation. And when he feels this suffering, the Creator hears his prayer, brings him near Him, and he is rewarded with adhesion. This is because the pains that he feels due to the separation make him be rewarded with adhesion; and then it is said, “As far as Light excelleth darkness.”

We already know, understand, and feel these things. On every degree only between two opposites can we find the correct details of perception, choose the quality of bestowal over egoistic self-interest, and refocus the criteria of “light” and “darkness” from reception to bestowal. Then in inner efforts, in doubts, and with the help of the group and studies, we can demand correction so that the Light comes and, first, shows us what “light” and “darkness” are in reality, as opposed to our current notion according to which we call material, egoistic fulfillment “light,” and the absence of it “darkness.”

Thanks to the Light that Reforms, I rise above these measures to the spiritual measures. Then, light for me would be distancing from myself and getting closer to the other, to the Creator. Moreover, this scale should be based on the antithesis of the former approach. If earlier I hated someone, enjoying his difficulties and my advantages over him in anything, then now, with the ascent to the property of bestowal, everything turns out the opposite: In my feelings he remains hated, but I overcome myself, enjoying his well-being and bring him pleasure, which in reality becomes my fulfillment. I enjoy what the one I hated enjoys and, in general, the fact that he enjoys. I am pleased to give him pleasure, rising above my hatred for him.

Every detail of this perception consists of many nuances, but in general, all this is achieved only by the efforts in the group. Along with studies and the Light that Reforms, we eventually come to transformation, to an internal revolution…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/27/13, Shamati #34 

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