A Crisis Caused By The Great Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe question is whether we were given a mind so that we can examine things by it and delve deeper inside or whether it was given to us so that we will actually confuse ourselves by it and let the upper force enter us and correct us.

This is the question: How do we use the data that are inside of us, which control us, in our inclinations, in all the attributes a person has?

Why were they given to us? In order to reach a certain correction or to use these data and our abilities the way they are?

If I want to use them just the way they are, I thus negate the fact that there was a shattering, which means that I want to keep on working with my mind and my heart directly, using them to discover the world.

Then we see the gloomy outcome and the crisis that such an attitude brings us to. Although we haven’t even reached the initial awareness of the unfolding of the crisis, it is about to be revealed soon.

It is because it is only the shattered vessels that are revealed. If I use my mind and heart and don’t listen to the Kabbalists’ warnings saying that it is all shattered, and keep on working with them, I eventually will discover that it is all shattered. When I discover that the system is shattered it means that I have reached the crisis.

It will take a long time and lots of pain until I recognize the crisis and understand it. It is because this attitude is called the path of natural evolution, “in its time” (Beito), the path of suffering, the path of the shattered mind.

But there is another path, the path of “I shall hasten it” (Achishena), hastening time. Along that path I am told: “Do you know why everything is shattered? So that you will be able to feel distracted, feel your helplessness, and realize that you have neither a mind nor a heart and that you cannot exist this way. Isn’t the crisis that you see before you enough in order to want to stop this stupid chase and say: enough!”

Now I begin to use my heart and mind differently: I am out of the egoistic focus and this is actually the reason that I open up a passage for the Light by allowing it to influence me and to change me internally. This means that I use my heart and mind, but differently.

I don’t want to use my heart and mind directly, as they were given to me. My mind was given to me so that I will understand that I don’t have a mind. All my feelings were given to me so that I will understand that I don’t have any feelings. My heart and mind cannot help me discover the true reality.

There are only two ways to use the data that I was given correctly: either within reason or above reason. Choose!
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/13/14, The Zohar

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