The Condition For The Unboundedness Of Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person does not feel what is above reason or below it. If he does not perceive something inside of reason and does not approve of it in his ego as existing and worthwhile, then he does not attach any significance to it whatsoever.

Walking below reason means being under the influence of the society and acting with the reason of others. This is considered unworthy even though we always act precisely in this way since society pressures us and forces us to respect its values.

Walking above reason is something we are not capable of at all because this is called walking by faith. For that, a person has to form upper notions for himself which are above his reason in order to convince him with the force of faith and to accept faith as knowledge. That is, he has to unite with the environment and from it receive the proof of authenticity and value.

It turns out that a person usually acts within knowledge, filling it by virtue of his environment. And it is very difficult for him to rise above that.

Therefore, if we want to accelerate time, this is possible only by walking above reason. After all, if we walk within knowledge then it is simple evolution, the natural course of development. And this takes place until I feel and develop on my own, until I obtain the new knowledge.

However, if I am guided by the opinion of the environment, its knowledge becomes mine. And in relation to my previous knowledge, it is already “above knowledge.” That is, my personal perception turns into the social one.

It turns out that I replace my reason, which accepted only what was approved by my egoistic desire, with the net of connections between myself and others. And the well-being of others becomes the foundation of my reason.

If a person makes this change in his perception, then he exits the bounds of his limitations.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/11, Writings of Rabash

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