Blocks For Building The Spiritual Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Even while reading The Book of Zohar, my thoughts roam about in different directions. How can I always keep the goal in mind?

Answer: We are inside of a force field with forces deliberately drawing us in different directions. But this happens precisely in order for us to connect them in one direction, to bring them to a single reality with our own efforts.

Therefore, this is how we should view our states, which are often confused and unstable because they are all intended to awaken us to search for a force that’s higher than these opposite forces that awaken within us, so this one force would rule over them. It’s so we could unite them and bring them together as the proper combination of constituents to the spiritual reality.

If we find a higher force that forms the entire picture for us, this will already be a higher level than our state. Therefore, on one hand, I must favorably accept these different states, thoughts, desires, and this entire confusion while understanding that I am receiving all of this data to work with, like blocks that I have to put together correctly.

Now every person must find for himself what kind of force, principle, and attitude he can use to properly unite all of these disturbances so they will go from being disturbances to components of the same spiritual picture that he wishes to attain.

In reality there are no disturbances. They are all desires that are not properly connected into one desire and therefore seem superfluous to us. But that is not so. Each of them, with its aspiration to the opposite direction, deliberately points to the lack of our direction to the single force that includes everyone, the upper level, the force of the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/11, The Zohar

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