We Can Be Critical As Long As We Are United

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I don’t agree with the group’s decisions regarding dissemination? Should I insist on what I think or should I accept the opinion of the group as if annulling myself before the teacher?

Answer: If a person generally agrees with the way the group disseminates and the group makes a certain concrete decision, everyone must see this as an opportunity for a spiritual ascent.

However, a person usually escapes this, thinking that if they have decided something they should also carry it out, but he takes no part in it. He doesn’t understand that by that he misses an opportunity to ascend.

I am very sorry and sad to see what happens to such people. It is actually when they have the chance to ascend that they move aside and escape.

What do I actually care what the group decides. The more naively I accept the friends’ decisions and the more faith I have in them, the more deeply I will be incorporated in them, which means in the vessel where the Light will be revealed. I am not required to do anything else, but my mind and my ego don’t allow me to accept the fact that they are right.

What does it actually matter if they are right or not? It doesn’t matter at all. But I am critical. I have to know in advance that I will be able to remain in the group afterwards and accordingly I decide to what extent I can be critical.

The shattering occurred when they wanted to unite and at the same time criticize one another, but then they discovered that they can’t attain unity under these conditions. This is exactly the sin of the Tree of Knowledge.

The first taste from the Tree of Knowledge was okay, under the conditions of self annulment. But they couldn’t do it a second time. They couldn’t find the limit up to which they could be critical and not more than that. It is because in order to criticize the upper, we must first be adhered to Him.

Only when you become a drop of semen adhered to the upper do you gradually begin to open up, cell by cell. Thus you add one cell after another to your body by activating the egoistic desire and resisting it, so that later, together with it, you can adhere to the upper, and thus your spiritual body grows cell by cell.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/23/14

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