The World Is Constant And I Am Changing

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe feeling of the external world was given to us on purpose in order to develop the sense of knowing others. I can use others egoistically by bringing them closer to me or distancing them depending on their benefit to me. I can also use others not according to my own benefit but according to their benefit and thus change myself and use myself.

One time the friend is important to me and I change everything inside me that needs to be changed in order to make him feel better, and another time I am important and I bend the friend in my direction in my own benefit.

The struggle is actually between these two perceptions: who is more important and who determines everything. This struggle is very important to me because it helps me understand what I lack in order to build the sense for knowing others.

The others are in fact the Creator, and this whole picture—this world and the upper worlds, which are seemingly external to me—are only tools to discover the Creator. At first we don’t have such tools but only their initial form, the point in the heart. However, by working in the group, with the friends, in dissemination, in the larger world, I build this sense.

One time I imagine that everything is inside me and that all these parts are depicted as external to me, and that it is my illusion. If I step through this perception, I correct it and begin to establish the sense of bestowal, the sense of feeling others.

And again, I imagine that there is “I” and there is “they” who are external to me. My egoistic desire grows and lets me know that I have to take care of myself at their expense. This means that I have to remain constant and the others change for my own benefit.

I imagine things this way, and at another time, I imagine them another way, and thus I determine my ascents and descents and I develop additional senses. When it begins to work, it is called Shechina, a sense by which I perceive the one who dwells (Shochen, which has the same root in Hebrew), the Creator. I reveal Him as this sense develops, and I feel and understand Him.

Therefore, the most important engagement in this world, which is the reason that we are on this planet, is to develop the sense of recognizing the good and the evil during our lifetime, to duplicate and to improve it, and by it, to attain the sense of recognizing the Creator.

All this is attained by working with the public according by which I can accurately measure how far I have advanced towards this goal, towards the development of the vessels, the senses for the revelation of the Creator, which means to the revelation of the attribute of love and bestowal. To the extent that the group and all the world that is external to me become more important to me than myself, so that I see them as constant and myself as changing with regards to them, I can estimate and measure my advancement.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/14

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