The Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand you talk about the Ohr Makif as if it is something wise, passionate and alive. But on the other hand, the Light is at absolute rest, and only according to my changes does its influence on me change. How can I resolve this contradiction in me?

Answer: There is nothing wise besides the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). Everything else is an egoistic desire for pleasure that at every moment wants to get a maximal feeling of existence and fulfillment.

This desire can grow under the influence of the Light to very high parameters according to the Reshimot (reminiscences) that are found within it. But the desire grows in only one way: to enjoy with even greater feeling, more openly and prominently according to whatever its internal combinations are, but only for enjoyment! It doesn’t know anything else!

The Upper Light, which influences it all the time, invites impulses and stimuli for greater and greater fulfillments in it. And since the egoistic desire becomes further away from a pure nature, it acquires distorted and monstrous forms within us.

But we play all the time and lie to ourselves and others by hiding our essential nature so that it is not seen in us. Behavior like this is typical in humans but not in animals.

The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, operate only according to the principle of “maximal reception with minimal effort” to bring themselves to a state of fulfillment. Desire chooses their actions and evaluates them like this. So the natures of the still, vegetative, and animate don’t make mistakes. They have very clear algorithms.

Every level sees particular options for attaining the most fulfillment of its desire, choosing from them what requires the least effort because efforts deduct from the fulfillment attained. And this results in a simple formula according to which all levels of nature operate.

Look at any healthy animal, how it behaves with precision. But if it is sick, then its natural program errs and the animal begins to behave differently. We see this immediately.

So the Ohr Makif acts everywhere in everything; it is the only thing that exists!
From the Sochi Convention 6/10/14, Lesson 2

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