Find All The Images Within Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written: “I created the evil inclination.” In the weekly chapter “VaYishlach,” the image of Esau is a certain special interpretation of the evil inclination; in other chapters, this will be the pharaoh, Bilak, Bilam, and other villains, but this will always be my evil inclination; it does not exist outside of me. It is simply described from different perspectives, emphasizing different properties that I need to work with each time on a different level.

In contrast, I am also being told about the forces that I must use to help me work with this, and I am shown that my first encounter with this evil inclination results in complete failure.

I immediately submit to it when it becomes revealed; I do not know what to do! But then, gradually, I begin to free myself of it, I separate myself, I restrict it, and begin to control it slightly. I cut a piece of it and correct it, then another piece, and in this way we go from one layer to another until the very end of correction, until we correct our entire egoism.

The Torah always reveals how man corrects himself, and now you will not have any difficulty reading it. Man is a small world, and everything must exist within you, you only need to try to find Beit El, Shechem, Balak, Dina, all the character of this tale within you, and also all the still, vegetative, and animate nature that the Torah speaks about, because these things are also properties of your soul, just on a lower level.

By no means should you ever see a literary work in the Torah. It is written about this: “Do not make images, do not make any images for yourself.”
From the Weekly Torah Portion 11/18/2010

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