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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that in the Torah everything seems to exist separately: Esau is separate, Jacob is separate, Jacob is afraid of Esau.

Answer: There was a time when I studied music. What do you see when you look at sheet music? You see what you are to reproduce. You see signs: measures, notes, pauses, piano, forte. All of that is drawn for the person who will be playing it.

I open the Torah. In it is written: Jacob, Esau, Israel, Shechem, Benjamin, Dina. What are all these names referring to? These are notes that I need to play. These notes are my inner properties and forces; they exist in me and are called angels. Angels are forces of nature that the Creator has given me so I would be able to organize myself with their help and become equal to Him. Why do I need to do this? Because dues to this, I become independent; I really acquire the Creator’s status.

This is why the Torah is called both Light and instruction. I read these instructions and work according to it. Jacob, Esau, Dina, Shechem, donkey, all these are forces of my soul, and the Torah reveals to me what I need to do with them. It describes to me exactly those processes I need to carry out; the interaction of its characters is the correlation of our inner properties, our desires. When I read it, I literally feel how these properties intertwine within me, go through different changes, how I work with them, how I am to connect them, and what I am to come to at the end of it all.

I look at the text the same way as you look at sheet music so you can sing or play, even now without an instrument, using just your inner strings. This is the only way for us to perceive the Torah, and this is the only reason it was given.
From the Weekly Torah Portion 11/18/2010

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