We’ll Circumvent Esau!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we work with the quality of Esau (the egoistic desire) so it won’t awaken during the Convention?

Answer: It won’t awaken, you can be sure about that. We are coming to the Convention prepared, “warmed up,” having the understanding that we are gathering in order to unite.

We are leaving all problems, doubts, and opposition at home because we know that we are unable to overcome our egoism, Esau, directly. The only way we should act is by going around, according to the method of Jacob, which comes from the word Akev – to go around.

This means that it is useless to fight your nature head on. We have to come out of it, ascend above it, and acquire a new nature of bestowal. Then, with its help, gradually and in parts, we must gradually use egoism for the sake of bestowal. Our egoism is a special force existing inside us that we have to take into account. However, we shouldn’t fight against it, but only worry about unity and mutual guarantee, constantly increasing the right line, the force of Jacob, the force of bestowal.

Then we will reveal the Creator and will be able to oppose Esau. However, this doesn’t mean that we will be fighting him. For now we are correcting ourselves by strengthening the line called Jacob inside us – bestowal and mutual unity. The Esau that is in us receives blows from the whole process and starts to understand that he should also unite with Jacob.

Therefore, there won’t be any threats or wars. He will desire to interact with the right line himself since he will see that the opportunities at his disposal do not enable him to be fulfilled. He lacks Jacob, bestowal, in order to advance in life.

That is why we should think only about attaining unity and consolidation. All the other problems will be corrected by becoming attached to the right line and strengthening it even more.
From the “Weekly Torah Portion” show on 11/5/10


  1. Love is the most powerful weapon. The unity of all the hues of man already exists on some level. Love goes straight to this connection, and warms the heart of even the stoniest of enemies.

  2. Hi,
    How do we know that we connected another point in the heart to ours? Does it correspond to the people with whom I have connected or is it more about matching my desire to the points in the heart who have developed the desire of the same intensity?

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