The Whole Reality Is One Law

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll articles written by Kabbalists about “mutual guarantee” represent an outcome of their perception of the upper reality and convey its laws to us. Obviously, these laws can be expressed by formulas and graphs as it is accepted in any other science. However, since they balance out other laws of nature and can be sensed rather than obtained in the form of dry knowledge through our intellect, they are written in the form of stories, letters, and parables.

We should keep in mind that Kabbalists never wrote moral admonitions or gave us advice, they explained to us an unbreakable law that they presented in a way that allows us to sense it and adjust to its level.

The whole nature of this world (the way we sense it) represents a certain law. When we are bringing up young children we acquaint them with this world very gradually.

Step by step we disclose this world to them and build their defense systems, which do not exist naturally; there is no such thing as natural restrictions, we create them ourselves.

Similarly, our spiritual “father and mother” (Aba ve Ima) work with us while they introduce us to the upper world. Auxiliary systems that were originally concealed from us, at some point, gradually reveal to us show that all of reality is one law.

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