Turn On The Light In The Dark Room

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to build a system that constantly reminds us that “there is none else besides Him.” This system must include at least ten people that have special relationship between them.

And so in this network of connection, in this mutual force field, the Upper Light begins to shine, and the upper power is found, which constantly reminds us that each and every moment comes from the foundation, from a higher power.

But if there is no network of connection like this between us, then we cannot remember. Situations will change, but we cannot connect them with the higher power, for this system isn’t working between us.

Only when a binding force field appears between us, like electricity or magnetism, then through our efforts to connect together, we feel that within it is a power that stabilizes this condition.

We go back to this work all the time. The system always reminds us that there is none else besides Him, stabilizing this condition for us, specifically when we are in concealment so that we will demand His revelation, give Him contentment with this and equivalence of form, like the guest and the host.

Question: Is this talking about states in the spiritual world?

Answer: We are in the spiritual world, but in concealment! We need to dispel this concealment from our state, to turn on the Light as if we were found together in a dark room without our knowing it. I enter the room, but I don’t see or feel that there is anyone there because of the darkness. I need to turn on the Light, and then I will see and understand that I am found together with everyone. We don’t fly to the spiritual world. We are already found within it, but it is concealed.

Question: But a person forgets that he is in concealment!

Answer: He doesn’t forget, but it is the Creator who intentionally obliges him to forget, and makes him confused! He not only forgets, but doesn’t want to be involved with spirituality at all because he is completely involved in other business. All this is arranged for him intentionally so precisely in spite of all this, he will come back to awareness.

Question: But if a friend does not remind me, I will never remember this!

Answer: Right, so we need Arvut (mutual guarantee). Without Arvut there is no need to give us the Torah, the method. Only if we are ready to create a system of Arvut in which a sufficient number of friends participate, a complete number of 600,000 souls, who can be mutually connected with each other and understand that the goal is to become like one man with one heart, and if they agree to go towards this, then it is worthwhile to give us the method of connection.

Essentially this is not a method of connection, but a method of discovery. It is a method through which we turn on the Light and dispel the concealment.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14

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  1. Hi Rav,

    I wish to ask are there states that a person needs to work with the Creator outside of the group? A peroid in which you to do some corrections on a personal level maybe? As I have found myself in these Circumstances.

    Many thanks Brendan.

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