Restriction And The Screen

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I reduce the time? Do I need to renounce my desire to receive completely? Will I then be able to reach bestowal even within half a year?

Answer: I don’t need to renounce my desire to receive, but I see that it harms me. And if I do renounce my egoism, it is not because it brings me suffering.

If I stop smoking because smoking is bad for my health, this indeed doesn’t mean that through this action I will reach bestowal and enter spirituality. If I do this in order to avoid blows, this is not called bestowal and spiritual advancement. Fleeing from blows is not the right action. It is necessary to understand that these are not blows, but mercy, and I need to feel that this is so.

My actions shouldn’t originate from the desire to receive that feels good or bad, but from the desire to bestow that wants to feel what is good or bad for the Creator. I must determine things according to this. This is called a Masach (screen).

A Masach indicates that I am directed towards the Creator and take Him into account, paying no attention to myself at all—I don’t exist! I am directed only towards Him. To make a Tzimtzum (restriction) means that from this moment on, I will not take my desires, thoughts, and inclinations into account, but will use all of this only to bestow to the Creator.

He is the goal. For me, all of His characteristics and desires are my vessel, and I use myself only to fulfill Him. This means that I use all that I have, but evaluate bad and good only relative to Him, within Him.

It’s all about Him. I feel His desires, fulfillments, deficiencies, and problems. After this I consider how I can realize what He lacks. This is just like a mother who is naturally and instinctively devoted to her infant.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/23/14, Writings of Rabash 

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