Not To Remain With What There Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person who studies and is involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah, with the method of correction, must understand that he is learning wisdom. There exists a completely new approach to comprehending this wisdom because it is received in the new Kelim, organs of perception, of the person.

We are in some kind of reality that is filled with infinite colors, sounds, and influences that are not limited by distance and time and includes within it billions of forms of bestowal. We are inserted into this reality, but we comprehend only a small part of it according to our limited senses. It is here and we don’t feel it.

All of this will be changed within our sensations. The absorptive media will be changed and we will feel ourselves in a new reality. This works only in this way.

People think that what they read in articles and what they hear in lessons must come to them from the outside. Nothing will come! The change must happen within me and it happens only to the degree of my efforts, and then I will feel that I am in a new place. I will create for myself and imagine some kind of new form of the entire Olam Ein Sof (world of Infinity).

This means that I expect that the change will happen in me and not outside of me. This imaginary world is the still, because in it, things seemingly change around us. In the spiritual world there is nothing like this “around us.” There I immediately feel that everything depends upon me, my characteristics and what happens in them.

This means that I feel how my Kelim are changed, and according to this, the comprehension within these Kelim. I research, test, and learn both this and that, and from this, the wisdom of Kabbalah appears.

So, it is necessary to expect inner changes, and not that something will happen from the outside. There is nothing to expect from the outside but only within the person. This is very important. This is because we can wait for the state to change, to be corrected, but if we are not concerned about our inner changes, then we remain with what there is.

A person must always explain to himself that there are no other changes besides inner changes and that there is no new world, but only a new comprehension within himself according to the new characteristics that he acquires.
From the 4th part of the  Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/08/14, Writings of Rabash

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