Break Out From The Snakeskin

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the slavery in Egypt, a person must clarify what exile is and what redemption is in the spiritual sense, and not just in one’s material description. If we are talking with people on the street, then for all of them there will be various understandings of the concepts of exile and redemption, but they will all be opposite from those that were intended by them in the Torah.

The person will not understand this as long as he does not feel that he cannot remain within his skin any longer, within this snake that suffocates him. Under no circumstances will he be ready to remain under the control of this snake any longer, even though earlier he lived magnificently and enjoyably under it.

But now he sees his redemption only in his discovery of the ability to bestow, to love, to connect and to correct all of the parts of his soul. He will begin to see the whole world as his soul that he must arrange in order to make it possible for the Creator to be discovered in it and to reach adherence with it.

As long as a person has not prepared all of these conditions, there cannot be redemption. Otherwise in what will there be redemption? Four hundred years of exile is a process of inner changes that we must go through in order to determine what corporeality is and what spirituality is, and what kind of redemption the person expects from his exile.

Redemption is the discovery of the power of bestowal that will dominate him and direct him. In that Egypt, in that exile, the ability to bestow is revealed to him. And so Egypt becomes the wilderness, and after that, the Land of Israel; everything happens in that desire; there is no other substance. Everything is done and realized in that substance; only our relationship to it, the method with which we work with it is changed; we use them with our Creator.
From the 1st part of the 
Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/09/14, Shamati #54

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