The Main Thing Is Life After The Operation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we get used to the ascents and descents that take on different forms each time so that we can cope—”anything but leave?”

Answer: If a person comes to the lesson every day, engages in dissemination, and is connected with the friends, then the only thing he needs is persistence.

There are states in which a person is totally detached, he seems to be in the lesson physically, but he isn’t actually there. Even at work he walks around absent-mindedly.

A habit is very important: You have to commit yourself in different ways that will tie you down. For a person who seriously wants to advance, it is worthwhile to marry someone that shares the same interests goal and who strengthens his connections with the society. All this strengthens him, ties him down, and doesn’t let his animal escape.

The main thing is to continue. The Upper Light arranges different states for us and we have to be patient and wait until all these states pass,accelerating them as much as we can. Hastening these states changes our attitude towards them, which means that I already see the states I go through in a different light, and I approach them as desirable states.

I remember how I once ran to the operating room and laid myself on the operating table so that I could be operated on as soon as possible since I felt so bad after a car accident I was involved in. Usually the patient is brought in on a gurney and carried to the operating table, but I ran there myself. I was so anxious to have this operation since I had difficulty breathing because my lungs were full of blood.

We have to feel the desire to run to spirituality, then we won’t care what happens because life after that is more important.

Then we become like spectators watching the crises we go through from the side. We understand the descent we are in, measure it, study and examine it. Gradually we begin to relate to our desire to receive as a place of work as we decide what to do with it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/14, Shamati #54

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