Increasingly Clearer Lines Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to ask the friends for help?

Answer: Help can only come in the direction of connection, when everyone yearns to attain a connection in which there is maximal mutual bestowal upon one another for the sake of revealing of the Creator. We try to create more and more connections between us by trying this or that and the Egyptians help us by showing us which connection is right and which is not. They show us our mistakes, the places where we did not connect correctly and did not achieve mutual benefit.

Thus, they help us advance, and it is called that Pharaoh brought the children of Israel to the Creator. Thus we constantly search for what the true attribute of bestowal should be. We cannot discover it, but we appeal by requests, prayers, cries, by clarifying things between us and the Creator until we finally understand it.

But we have to find it by ourselves. There is help, an illumination from Above, according to our exertion. But we cannot receive this revelation for free, since we would not feel anything then. It has to be the result of our efforts, our searching, and our requests. Everything has to start from our inner impulse, from an awakening from below. If we connect with others in a way that matches the first revelation, then it happens and brings us to redemption.

We have to look for the next form of bestowal that is more and more advanced each time in order to find the Creator in a clear, illuminated, and more outstanding way. The Creator’s form is actually us. The form of bestowal that we discover among us is the Light. Now we don’t see or feel it but later the Light will sustain us.

In this Light we discover the thought of creation, the attributes of the upper. Thus we build the infrastructure for His revelation which is called Divinity. The form of bestowal with its mission is called Creator. The Creator is dressed in the created being. The created being is the spiritual Partzuf that is built as a result of the connection between us. Therefore it says that we make the Creator that is called Bo-re (come and see).

Question: So where is the request for help from the friends here?

Answer: The request should be mutual. This is called mutual guarantee. It has to be incorporated in mutual bestowal. Everything is aimed at one direction. Mutual guarantee is the common efforts to attain the Creator’s form and His attributes.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/14, Writings of Rabash

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