In Nature And In The City

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My child is influenced by the environment: classmates, outside, friends, Facebook, and so on influence my child. And I have no way of protecting him from the negative influence of these environments.

There remains only one way out: organizing a reference group. This is a group of children whose opinion is important to my child, and they can direct him back on track. How many people should be in this group?

Answer: Preferably 10-15 children, otherwise the group is not felt. A group is what surrounds me, and the environment is something greater than that quantity that I can count on my fingers. Meaning, it is something more powerful.

Usually we find ourselves in a group of ten people, and in a group of five people we feel most comfortable, it is pleasant not only to talk to each other, but also to just sit quietly. But such a group is good when there is a certain closed intimate atmosphere, suppose in a pub around a separate table or in a big collective that is divided into many groups.

If we will take children out in nature, it is better in a big group so that an atmosphere of surroundings will be felt. Otherwise, a child will feel lonely, because he has gotten used to being enclosed in a big city, and it isn’t this way in nature.

Therefore, to fill some imperfections, the lack of the sense of security, that they have in a city (people, homes, adults, police, etc.), there must be a company with more people.

A modern child is quite remote from nature and in order for him to feel comfortable outside the city he needs surroundings that will arrange some type of life: a campfire, food, music, someone fishing, someone gathering firewood, etc.

Besides that, as the mass of the collective is greater (to a certain limit), the more strongly it internally, psychologically, and subconsciously influences each one. Therefore, it is preferable that not less than ten to twenty people will go on an excursion outside the city.

A group that works successfully within can include hundreds. For example, when our central group goes out to nature, then several hundreds of people gather, including adults and children. Along with that, no external pressure is felt, on the contrary, clear mutual cooperation and the feeling of security and comfort is felt, precisely thanks to the amount of people.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/12/13

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